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"School aged children can have difficulties with appropriate social behaviors in peer relationships and need help developing their awareness. Licensed Christian Counselor, Susan Derderian, MACC, LCC came to our school and lovingly facilitated our students’ development of basic social skills, basic emotional vocabulary, and ways to be a good and safe friend. Her encouragement and strong biblical integration laid a healthy foundation for our kindergarten through fourth grade students and teachers."

Principal, Peachtree Corners Private School

“It's not always easy to go to counseling and open your heart to someone about your deepest thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The two words that come to mind when meeting with Susan are safety and peace. I may not be ready or even willing to deal with "my stuff," but once I sat down the Lord's peace overwhelmed my fears and I knew I was safe to share and work through those hard areas. Susan is a woman of Truth and is a wonderful communicator! She will help you pray through the tough spots and you'll experience the freedom God has for you. Susan is a blessing and I am grateful for her wisdom, kindness, and heart for God's Truth.”

K, Adult Female Client

“Susan has been seeing my 10 year old son as his therapist since he was 5 years old. She has managed to not only improve the quality of his life, but our relationship as father and son as well. Susan has gone above and beyond to ensure my son gets the help he needs. She even went so far as to go to his school and meet with his teacher, student counselor , assistant principal and other staff members why we were going through a difficult season during his kindergarten year. Susan also helped in getting him tested for learning disabilities which identified him as having ADD/ADHD and ODD. Now my son is a honor roll student, who is on track to fulfill God’s destiny for him. Susan will always be my first choice as a counselor for my children for any issue they are having.”

D, Father

"Susan has been my counselor since February of 2008. Throughout my counseling sessions Susan has not only helped me come to grips with my family background, but she has also counseled me according to God's Words as well as in His love and has provided me with a variety of tools in order that I may live my life to the fullest. Of course, there are times when the devil tries to tear me down by reminding me of my past. Yet, thanks to Susan's guidance and wisdom I am now better equipped to handle those dark moments."

A, Adult Female client

“I always thought that counseling was for people who were truly broken inside and certainly not for me. However, when I hit that point when I realized that counseling was beneficial for just about anybody and that I certainly could use some, my first thought was that I wanted Susan to be that person, my counselor. I needed someone I could tell everything to and not feel ashamed and trust me when I say that Susan lived up to all my expectations in that regard. As a 30-year-old at the time, Susan was not only incredibly understanding but when I tried to smooth over certain areas, she kindly brought out what needed to be discussed. I greatly appreciated her brutal honesty with me (believe me, I needed it) because I could tell there was love and grace behind each word. Susan has a beautiful spirit of peace about her which produces a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that allows confidences to flourish. Her custom-tailored approach to each client is so varied that she is able to aid children and grown woman alike! Never betraying my feelings, Susan has proved more than capable of helping me through my issues and there is no doubt in my mind that I am a better person today thanks to Susan’s generous aid.”

S, Adult Female Client

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