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Welcome to Truth & Grace Counseling, your trusted source for Christian Counseling in Oklahoma and beyond.

Christian Counseling in oklahoma, Texas, and beyond

We are thrilled to help people though both virtual sessions and in person!

Individual counseling

Whether you’re a pastor experiencing burnout, a homeschooling mother dealing with anxiety, or seeking a supportive and “firearm-friendly” environment, our counseling services are designed to address your unique concerns.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling might be the answer. Johnny can help you navigate your challenges, rebuild intimacy and increase your love towards each other as Christ loves the church.

Consulting services

Are you aspiring to start your own Christian counseling practice but don’t know where to begin? Our consulting services are designed just for you.

Continuing Education

Say goodbye to monotonous lectures and imagine a course that is filled with valuable, everyday-use information. Our courses are designed to be exciting and engaging, utilizing various resources to guide your learning.

Our Founder

Johnny Sanders

Meet Johnny, your dedicated Christian therapist in Duncan, Oklahoma. Johnny is a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience, holding licenses in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina since 2015. He is proficient in offering online therapy services, ensuring accessibility and convenience for clients. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Oklahoma, Johnny possesses a solid academic foundation complemented by practical expertise in forming therapeutic bonds with his clients.

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Our blog is a great resource for people! We talk about a variety of issues and how our faith is intertwined. You may have questions, be sure to reach out, our team would love to talk with you more!

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