Anxiety in Homeschool Moms Can A Conservative Therapist Help?

Anxiety in Homechool Moms Can A Conservative Therapist Help?

“I can’t believe you are thinking about homeschooling!  Don’t you know that your kids are going to grow up to hate you, rebel against, and worst of all…….THEY WON’T HAVE SOCIAL SKILLS!!!!

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If you are a homeschool mom or dad chances are you have heard comments similar to these.  These comments might sting coming from a random person on Facebook.  However, they hurt more when it comes from your friends and family.  These type of comments may make you think twice about whether you are doing the right thing.  If you are considering homeschooling then you may not want to do it in order to avoid the wrath of the social skills mob.  In this post I want to address how to handle anxiety when you are a homeschool mom.

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Let me start with the question of why?  Why are you homeschooling? If you’re reading this and haven’t started out why should you?  If you’re reading this and hate homeschooling why are you reading this article?  To begin to address these “why” questions let’s start with the purpose of education. While the crowd reading this may be different, most of us went to public schools.  For the sake of clarity, I went to public school growing up.  I cannot tell you how many times when I was in school the topic of making it into a good college was discussed.  “You have to get a good score on your ACT in order to get into a good school and receive scholarships.”  “You have to graduate in order to get a good job.”  And “you have to have a good job in order to have a productive life.” 

To oversimplify: the public school reasons for education are:

1. Graduate

2. Go to college

3. Get a good job. 

Is this an oversimplification?  Absolutely.  But I believe this is a fair representation of the public school approach.  To be fair, none of these reasons are bad.  I think graduating, going to college and getting a good job are fine things.  However, this is not the reason for education.  Education is the process of learning more about God’s creation and how to steward his creation. 

Simply put, this is God’s world.  We are just living in it.  Homeschooling allows the ability to teach your children from this worldview.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make your homeschooling a glorified Sunday School where the answer is always “Jesus!” Education can be playing in the dirt to learn about the ants God created.  Learning more about God’s world and how to appropriately interact in it is education at its core.  

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Homeschooling has been around for some time.  When I was a kid in the 90’s the stereotype was only weird kids in long skirts homeschooled.  If you’re a weird kid in a long skirt reading this then I mean no harm!  However, homeschooling is growing rapidly in popularity.  This is true across the country but is certainly happening in Oklahoma and Texas. I believe in this post COVID world this trend will continue.  When the lockdowns hit in March 2020 public schools started doing virtual learning.  Many parents started to realize the benefit of being present with their kids during their schooling.  Some moms realized the joy in helping their kids with their education and figured they could keep doing this even after the restrictions were lifted.  Others were horrified to see the scary worldviews their children’s teachers were imposing on them.  Still others yet didn’t send their kids back due to all the restrictions.  Regardless of whatever your reason is for homeschooling I want you to take time to answer “why?”  Why were you initially drawn to homeschooling?  Why are you continuing to do it?  Why are you constantly going back and forth about whether you should homeschool or not?  I will not and cannot answer this question for you.  However, figuring out your why is the basis of where we go.  If your answer to this question is rock solid then we need to figure out ways to make your homeschooling experience the best it can be.  If your answer is shaky or you don’t have it yet then don’t fret!  Take your time and figure out your “why.”  There is no time period on how long this should take.  What is important is that you answer it.  

If you already know your answer then feel free to let me know about it!


Once you know the why then move toward protecting your answer.  For instance, if your why is “I want my children to have a biblical worldview in their education” then let’s find ways to make that happen.  Many times homeschool moms get stuck in their head.  They may start feeling anxious related to how others view them.  It is important to have an active mindset.  Anxiety is very passive in nature.  You are stuck inside of your head just living in doubt.  This is why I wanted you to start with your “why” question.  When your answer is rock solid then doubting just stops you from accomplishing your goal.  

However, be careful with well meaning advice such as “Be kind to yourself” and “You’re a great mom.  Keep believing that.”  Now, at face value these are fine statements. I’m certainly not getting on to you if you say that or share things like that on social media.  My concern is what it can lead into.  It can start getting into a type of self reliance and almost a New Age type of spirituality.  Allie Beth Stucky has a wonderful book called You’re Not Enough (And That’s Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love

This book helps show some of these concerns of what these type of sayings can lead into.  The fact of the matter is you aren’t enough.  I’m not enough.  No one is enough!  But guess who is?  Jesus!  So, instead of looking into your inner power, look towards Christ!  Here is a wonderful verse to help address anxiety and what to do when you experience it. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6 ESV)

I love the ESV version and use it for most all of my Bible reading.  However, there are some words that you need to wrestle with a bit more due to the translations more literal nature.  When you read the word supplication in the above verse it means to ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly.  When you ask things it has to come from that spirit of humility.  Sometimes when I ask for things I do it from a place of entitlement.  Like I deserve to have whatever I am praying for.  But this is from the wrong place.  We need to be like a beggar.  Someone pleading for help from an extremely humble position.  Again, you are not enough.  But Christ is!  Keep that in mind when you have another bout of anxiety.

Truth and Grace,

Johnny Sanders, LPC