Benefits of Group Christian Therapy

Christian therapy, what is it? Generally when people think of counseling you think of individual therapy. Many of you have problem seen on a TV show or movie where the patient is laying down on the couch and the therapist is asking the patient about their childhood.

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“And how does that make you feel?” You hear that all the time when counseling is portrayed in a movie.

Now don’t get me wrong, individual counseling is great. Most of the clients that come to see me request individual counseling. In individual counseling a client gets my undivided attention. The client is the main show in town and we get to get in depth about whatever issue they bring to the table.

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Group counseling on the other hand forces you to share the spotlight. Groups are operated differently depending on the counselor or program offering them. Some groups run around 5 people like mine do. Others have 10 or more clients per group. Obviously, the bigger the group the less each individual gets to contribute. For the super talkative that might seem horrible. However, to some more quiet folks that’s actually probably a good thing.

One major benefit of Christian therapy in a group…

is the ability to learn from others. Nobody will share the exact same issue that you do. But there may be a lot of similarities to your story. We might be discussing a certain type of coping skill that you really find helpful. Or maybe another group member shares an example of a mistake they made and you have the benefit of learning from their mistake before you make your own!

Now there are two major types of groups: open groups and closed groups. Open groups mean that the group runs continuously with no stop. In an open group new members come in and old member go out often. Closed groups on the other hand have a defined start date and defined end date. These type of groups usually have the same group members in them for the entire run of the group. For the time being I have decided to only offer open groups.

These groups will be available to be joined for however long you want to. If you want to go one week and that it then great! If you want to stay in it for 5 years then great! Some might choose to do a combination of group therapy and individual therapy. There is a lot of flexibility with the open group format.

When you schedule your initial therapy consultation with me I will ask if you are interested in a group or not. Some groups are going to be very specific such as a homeschool mom group. Others will be more broad with very general type of topics. Depending on the demand I may open more groups in future times. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me about any specific type of groups that you would find helpful. Chances are if you find it helpful then others probably would as well!

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Johnny is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma and Texas. He is the owner of Truth & Grace Counseling. Johnny operates Truth & Grace Counseling from a conservative Christian worldview.