Continuing education

Working with Evangelical Clients: Register for your continuing education!

Continuing Education Matters

You are in this to help people. You see people every day who so desperately need help. Sometimes, they need a few sessions to deal with a specific problem. Maybe they need to learn how to set boundaries with their in-laws or communicate better with their spouses.

Sometimes, it’s a medical condition, like anxiety, depression, or a disorder. Sometimes, their problems go deeper. Sometimes, their problems are heartbreaking. Maybe there is a history of abuse, or they are struggling with grief. A lot of the time, clients are dealing with all of the above

What you do is messy. But you meet your clients right in the middle of the mess and you walk alongside them, supporting them and guiding them through it.

The compassionate work you do with your clients is invaluable. There is no way to quantify the lives helped, the lives saved, because each life you touch radiates out in ripples of impact to the lives around them. Your work is so incredibly important. Why not be the best you can be at it? This is where continuing education come in. 

The world around us changes every day. With the rise of the internet and social media, we are exposed to more negativity on a daily basis than ever before. This poses a new challenge to mental health professionals: how do we combat the negative effects all this constant exposure to the media has on our mental health?

The world is changing, but so is the way we treat mental health. Every year, more research and studies are released with new insights into the human psyche. We know more about emotions, trauma, mental disorders, and coping mechanisms than we ever have before. Society as a whole has started talking more openly about mental health struggles and going to therapy.

The new information about mental health informs how we treat clients. Just as a neurosurgeon would not use the same practices from thirty years ago to perform brain surgery today, so we should not be using outdated techniques to treat our clients.

This is why continuing education is so vital. We want to give our clients the best care possible.

The Instructor

Johnny Sanders

Johnny Sanders of Truth & Grace Counseling has reimagined what CE courses can look like. He is an approved continuing education provider in the states of Oklahoma and Texas. He got tired of only seeing PowerPoint presentations for CE courses.  Instead, he uses a video podcast format to present his courses.

The high production value elevates these CE courses above their competitors by providing valuable knowledge in an interesting way. He utilizes PDF notes and worksheets for users to follow along and get the most out of each course without sacrificing quality. Other resources provided include books, websites, and articles that are linked online throughout the modules.

To make sure you’ve gotten the most out of the courses, Johnny provides a short quiz at the end of each module so you can feel confident in your knowledge moving forward. The online recorded video format makes the courses easily accessible and able to be viewed anywhere. They can be viewed module by module or all in one sitting, whichever fits with your schedule.

You are in the business of helping people. The work you do is important, not only to your clients but to their loved ones as well. You can never know how many people you have impacted for the better. Invest in yourself with CE courses that will add value to your practice. You and your clients will benefit from the knowledge you gain, and you can continue changing lives, one person at a time.

Working with evangelical clients?

Investing in your practice, your education, and yourself is the best way to make your work more valuable. You don’t want to be a one-dimensional therapist. You want to be well-rounded and able to meet your clients wherever they may be in their mental health journey.

Invest In Yourself

This three-hour course costs $50. With this course, you get the high-value production of a video podcast. A more engaging way to learn. Invest in your learning experience and get the most out of your continuing education. You and your clients are worth it. The time, effort, and production value put into this course ensures you get an interesting, engaging, informative, and quality learning experience.