The benefits of E-mail and online Group Conservative Counseling
Conservative Counseling

Conservative Counseling and Christian Worldview

The main draw to Truth and Grace Counseling is that I operate from a conservative Christian worldview. However, I also aim to be innovative and to bring value to your life. The very nature of an online counseling practice is innovative. The idea of seeing clients online was unheard of up until recently.

This alone brings value as you can seek my services from the comfort of your own house. I am aware of the costs however. I fully understand not everyone will be able to afford my rates. I aim to bring quality over quantity. If I earn your business I want to make sure you get the value out of every dollar you spent. I take this responsibility to my clients for seriously.

In part because of the cost associated with my services and the desire to continue to innovate, I am offering two services that many of you have probably not seen before. I’ll start with group counseling. It may be a bit of a stretch to say you have never heard of group counseling before. This has been a modality for therapy for quite some time. My last in person job was doing group counseling for senior adults through Inspirations at Duncan Regional Hospital.

Hear from Others in Group Conservative Counseling

There are a lot of benefits to group therapy. You can learn simply by listening. You get to have connections with several people. You hear perspectives that are from more than just you and the therapist. So while this isn’t a new idea, doing it online is actually pretty rare. Even from the many counselors that have gone to telehealth services you do not see group therapy listed option. Many of you have probably done conferences from work using either zoom, teams or Google meet.

I have a HIPAA secure Google account where these meetings will be held. In the future I would like to have specific groups such as a homeschool mother group as well as open ended groups where anyone is welcome. This is a very cost efficient method. It is only $60 per week. There is no contract involved. You can attend 1 group or you can attend 50 groups. It is whatever you feel like doing.

I am more confident in you not having heard of E-mail therapy before. This is a new service even to myself. This is a somewhat controversial topic in the counseling world. You don’t get to see people’s facial reactions, hear their voice, etc. These are all fair complaints towards E-mail counseling. However, I believe there are some significant strengths as well. I will start by mentioning this is an extremely cost effective modality. In fact I think it brings the most value or “bang for the buck” of any of the services I offer. I offer 1 week of e-mail counseling for $75 or a month for $250.

I like to think of this as having a therapist for your pen pal. If you enjoy writing things out this is a great service for you. There is no limit to the length of messages you will be able to send me. My promise is that I will respond back to you within 1 business day (Monday-Friday). If I am going to be on vacation or out of town this will be communicated with you beforehand and we will adjust the charges as necessary.

E-mail counseling is also confidential. This is not done via my personal g-mail account (or yours for that matter). You will be given access to an encrypted secure client portal. We will message each other through there. You can message as often as you would like. Just know that I won’t be responding in real time. For instance, you can message me at 3 am!

However, I am not going to answer you back at 3 am. In my responses I am going to do my best to communicate as caring as I can. I may recommend certain videos to watch, articles to read, books to read, podcasts to listen to etc. I also may assign homework assignments through our messaging.

If you are hesistant towards trying this that’s okay! Again, there are no contracts or long term commitments. Try it for a week and see if you like it. You can also combine services. For instance, maybe you want to do a one hour individual session once a month, attend a group counseling once a month, and once a week do e-mail counseling. In total that would be $270 for that month. While not cheap I believe that is quite a bit of value for that amount of money. You can combine and match these services however you like!

I am always open to feedback. Let me know what you think of these services or any other ideas you might have! I think this field could use some more creativity! There are many ways to receive conservative counseling near you!