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Christian Counseling Startup

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You Can Do This

While it will take work, you can start your own business. I want to help you realize your dream of a private practice. Here are some ways I can help you get off the ground.

Website Design

  • Help potential clients know how to contact you and startup counseling
  • Show off the services that you offer and the perspective you are coming from.

Business Formation

  • Many counselors don’t have a background in finances. This cannot be very safe to get your practice started officially. I can help point you in the right direction to get your business officially formed.

  • You don’t want the IRS coming at you. We can discuss resources to help you with taxes and other financial dealings, such as retirement.


  • I will help you tailor your paperwork needs for your counseling practice.

  • We can explore what EHR (Electronic Health Record) for your documentation works best for you.

  • Tired of No Shows? We can incorporate a no-show policy into your informed consent. This will lessen your no-shows and ensure you get paid.

Logo Design

  • Don’t have a logo yet? Your logo is a vital way to show your brand to the public. I can help you make a logo you will be proud of.


  • How do I find new clients for my practice?

  • Having a consistent blog is one of the best ways to get web traffic to your site. We can develop a strategy to make this a fun project, not a nuisance. 

  • Podcast I can help you create your own counseling podcast!

  • Online Directories– There are paid directories, such as Psychology Today, and free directories to help direct traffic to your business. I will assist you in setting it up and optimizing your appearance to help you stand out.

We know

You have questions!

There are many reasons to start your Christian counseling practice. These reasons may include gaining more independence and financial freedom, integrating your faith into your practice, and working with your ideal client. I’m glad you want to start this journey!

While this is a journey worth taking, there are several questions you must answer to start your own counseling business. Some of these questions include the following:

  • Should I accept insurance or not accept insurance?

  • How do I ethically incorporate my faith into my practice?

  • How do I market my practice?

  • How do I make my website?

  • Should I make an LLC, become a sole proprietor, or start an S-Corp?

  • What on earth do those business-sounding names even mean?

  • How do I make my logo?

  • Do I start making my practice part-time or full-time?

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