Engage Life Faithfully Pt 1

I wrote in my first blog post about some of the reasons I decided to start Truth & Grace Counseling.  While these are some great thoughts at the origin of my practice, I want to move beyond this.  I have been exploring some ways to show the community and my clients what Truth & Grace Counseling is about.  Without further ado I present the Truth & Grace Counseling purpose statement.

To provide clarity from a biblically informed perspective in order to help individuals engage life faithfully

Why is this important?

Having a purpose statement is helpful for both myself and my clients.  For me it helps keep me on target.  There is not a shortage of need for mental health in our world.  If I wanted a new job I could probably find one by tomorrow.  This statement helps keep me centered on what the mission of Truth & Grace Counseling is.  I don’t want to engage in counseling solely for making a living.  

This purpose statement is helpful to my clients as well.  I’m not in the business of “gotcha” type of methods.  I want to be upfront about my perspective.  If this means that you read this and are not interested then good!  I don’t mean that in a snarky type of way.  I mean it in the sense of let’s find you help from someone that’s a better help for you.  

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on my new purpose statement.

Lake Crescent Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington

To Provide Clarity

I really enjoy the word “clarity.”  The immediate image that comes to mind is my wife and I’s honeymoon.  We went to Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. There were so many beautiful places we saw on our trip including mountains, a rain forest and the ocean.  But the mental image I have in mind is Lake Crescent.  We drove by and took some pictures at this lake on the way to another destination.  Pictures do not do it justice.  In Oklahoma we are used to our lakes being tinted red due to our clay soil.  This lake was an incredibly deep and clear blue.  

Life is not always clear.  It can be quite messy.  It’s usually more like our muddy lakes in Oklahoma instead of the beautiful clear Lake Crescent.  It’s a yearning inside of to see something messy and want it to be more clear.  When my glasses have a smudge on it I want to clean it.  When a crystal is dirty and dull you want to clean it to be clean and shiny.  This is no different in our personal life as well.

What I DON’T Provide

I’ve never been the best at marketing.  I never enjoyed doing fundraisers as a kid at school.  I would usually only end up with the lame lower tier prizes during fundraisers.  And that was because my parents would buy a few things.  This has been a new adventure for me running my own business and it being necessary to market.  With that being said, I’m more interested in being truthful than being a great salesman.  I will get to what I provide later but let me start with what I DON’T provide first.

I don’t provide a life free of problems. 

Life is full of problems.  Some of these problems are self inflicted such as if I’m procrastinating on a project.  Others are due to no fault of your own such as grieving the death of a loved one.  You will always face problems in life.  In John 16:33 Jesus says “In this world you will have tribulation”. You WILL have tribulation.  Not might.  Not could.  You WILL.  I cannot and I will not give you false hope that I can fix all of your problems.  I am a sinner as every other man and do not have that power.  

I don’t provide a quick fix. 

You may believe everything I said in the previous paragraph.  You know you’ll face but you think “ for THIS problem maybe you can give me a quick fix.”  Nope.  Very rarely in life is a “quick fix” going to make a lasting change in your life.  

You might be thinking “oh great, he just wants me to pay for counseling forever.”  Wrong again friend.  Often times we may only meet for a few sessions.  I don’t believe meeting with a counselor every week is healthy.  So I don’t want clients to become reliant on me. I hope to aim my clients in the right direction however long that may take.  

What I do Provide

A space for you to be heard. 

We hear about the need for a “safe space” which usually means a place to run away from your problems. However, it is important to have a place to have your problems heard. Oftentimes clients I see just need someone to listen to their concerns.  This is often the case when someone is grieving.  They need someone to listen to their hurt and their story. I can be this someone for you. 

An unbiased third party. 

Have you ever searched for something in your house and gotten really frustrated over it?  “WHERE IS THE REMOTE?!?!?!”  I can’t be the only one that has experienced this.  Often times my wife might walk in and find it right away.  Some of this is due to wives having a super power at finding things husbands misplace.  But some of this is due to the advantage of someone being from the outside looking in.  In this example my wife wasn’t frustrated and she was looking at the situation from a different perspective.  This is what I bring.  While I care about my clients wellbeing I’m not as emotionally invested in their issues.  I bring a clear and level head to a situation that is harder for the client to have.  Sometimes I may challenge a client’s faulty thinking.  Sometimes I may reference a certain verse or offer prayer if a client requests.  Other times we may explore the issue together to try to look at the situation in a healthier way.  

TV Remote in hand

I aim to provide clarity to my clients.  Clarity into what the problem is.  Clarity into what you can do about it.  Clarity into who you are and what your role in life is.

Are you someone that needs clarity with a problem?  If so and you would like to work with me please fill out the form below to connect with me or schedule your free consultation. 

In Truth & Grace, 

Johnny Sanders, LPC