Firearm Friendly Counseling

Addressing your mental health concerns without fear of losing your rights. Mental health care without judging your firearm usage

I don’t need help!

Many in the firearm community feel they are tough enough and don’t need any help with their mental health. Others may be concerned about losing access to firearms if they admit they struggle with depression or anxiety.

There is considerable mistrust between the firearm community and mental health. Many in gun culture mistrust mental health professionals as they fear they will lose their guns should they receive a diagnosis.

The majority of deaths from a firearm are due to suicide. We can’t know how many of these suicides could have been prevented with adequate mental health care. Seeking out help is not “weak.” It is a very responsible thing to do to protect yourself and your family. You and your family deserve a healthy, functioning version of yourself.

You are welcome here.

I want those in the firearms community to receive help without judgment. Whether you are a police officer, in the military, a veteran, an avid hunter, or just enjoy your Second Amendment rights, know that your beliefs towards firearms will not be judged here.

I am not in the business of getting rid of your guns or reporting you to an agency. I am not in a network with insurance companies, so I do not even need to give a formal diagnosis that would go on your record. Truth & Grace Counseling aims to provide responsible gun owners with mental health treatment that is greatly needed.

I was born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma, and I share the same values that most from the area have. This is different than the vast majority of counseling practices. Truth & Grace Counseling is different and will not judge your usage of firearms.