How to Find Faith-Based CEUs

Christian Consulting and Continuing Education Units for Therapists

Where Do I Find Faith-Based Curriculum?

Are you a Christian counselor or therapist who is looking for solid, helpful educational courses that align with your values? Are you tired of having to sit through boring slide presentations that force secular ideals on you just to fulfill licensing requirements? Don’t lose hope. I am a Christian counselor and consultant who wants to change the narrative surrounding CEUs by providing quality educational courses that are aligned with Christian values. I have taken the first step toward that goal with my course, Working with Evangelical Clients, which qualifies for 3 Cultural Diversity or Competency CEUs.

Working with Evangelical Clients

Find CEUs That Align With Your Christian Values

You have to complete a designated number of CEUs to fulfill licensing requirements. Unfortunately, many CEUs, while informative, come from a secular perspective. Some even push biased agendas or teach worldly ideals that don’t align with Christian values. It is so frustrating to be required to get these credits but the only options are unhelpful courses that push ideas with which you disagree– courses that spout new suggestions and guidelines for interacting with clients and how to run your business that are in direct opposition to your values. There has to be a better alternative. 

Where are you supposed to find courses that align with your values? Where do you even begin to look? There are no search criteria that allow you to filter out all the secular educational courses and show you only Christian-aligned courses rooted in Biblical truth. Instead, you have to wade through the mire of hundreds of worldly courses that are at best, just unhelpful and at worst, pushing their own agenda, just to find the few faith-based courses that fulfill your requirements. Your time is precious. You don’t want to waste time combing through hundreds of CEUs.

It sounds a bit like a unicorn, doesn’t it? A high-quality, visually interesting, culturally relevant, Christian-aligned Continuing Education Course that fulfills certain licensing requirements? If only.

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Christian-Aligned CEUs For Counselors

That is exactly what you’ll find here. Truth & Grace Counseling’s CEUs, like Working with Evangelical Clients, are informative without being repetitive or boring. The courses are culturally relevant, yet maintain a Christian perspective and worldview. The lessons are high production value which is more than a slide presentation. These are courses that you can learn from and enjoy and not be made uncomfortable by being forced to learn worldly ideals. Courses that will have a deeper impact than just superficial education.

As you improve, hone your skills, and grow your business, you want to know you’re getting the best education possible. These courses will add value to your practice and give you in-depth knowledge of relevant topics so you can get to know your clients and help them on a deeper level.

The education contained in these CEUs applies to you and your clients, whether they are Christian or not. A Christain-aligned CEU helps you to relate you your clients and understand them on a fundamental level. Your Christian faith is the foundation of how you conduct yourself in the professional setting and how you operate your business. It only makes sense that your continuing education would also align with Christian values. 

There are counselors and educators, out there to help you, like me. Consultants who are working to improve the quality and quantity of faith-aligned CEUs so therapists and counselors like you can have meaningful continuing education.

Christian Consulting for Private Practices

Maybe you’re ready to take it to the next level. You like the idea of learning from faith-based CEUs to fulfill your licensing requirements and implementing the valuable knowledge into your interactions with clients, but what if you dream bigger? What if you had the freedom to set your own guidelines and work exclusively from a faith-based perspective? What if you started your own business?

It sounds daunting, I know. It is not a small undertaking, to start a small business. There is so much work that goes into it. Where do you even start? You feel the call to start a private practice but you have no idea where to begin.

I know how you feel. At first, I had no idea where to start. Before starting my private practice, I was an independent contractor and an employee. I didn’t have to worry about finding any of my own clients, but I wasn’t able to realize my full potential.

While I was overwhelmed as I began the process of starting my private practice, I also was determined to make it happen. I started my business to make sure clients with similar values have a place to feel seen and heard. I was able to find a lot of information by myself through YouTube videos, blogs, etc. However, I did take advantage of consulting services to help me process everything. It was a very good use of my time and money. I felt much more confident after my time with my consultation. The tips, tricks, and knowledge I learned were invaluable to me. 

Now, I want to help other therapists achieve the same goal. My consulting services are for people just like you. People who are driven to step up to the next level, start their private practices, and implement their faith into their work. Dream big and have hope that there are people out there who believe in what you’re doing and want you to succeed. Other Christian therapists and consultants who want to be more intentional about their faith and incorporate Christian-aligned education into their practices. People like me are here to help you live out your calling.

With my consulting services, you’ll be on the right track to starting your private practice. My services include:

  • Website design. A great website can help clients find you, show off your services, give them an idea of the perspective from which you work, and lead them to get started with counseling.
  • Paperwork. I can help you tailor the necessary paperwork to your practice, such as which Electronic Health Record works best for your documentation. Incorporating a no-show policy into your informed consent form is also something on which I can coach you, so you have fewer no-shows and always get paid.
  • Business Formation. Many counselors do not have a background in finance, which can be dangerous when starting a small business. I can set you in the right direction to manage your business finances effectively, as well as give you insights into how to do taxes and plan for retirement.
  • Logo design. A smart and snappy logo is a great way to get your brand out there and in front of potential clients. I can help you create a logo you’ll be proud of.
  • Marketing. Together, we can cover several techniques to make your business known. Posting a regular blog is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Creating a counseling podcast is a way to break into a different form of media with a large, dedicated following. Utilize online paid and free directories to put your business profile in front of people searching for help. I can help you with all of these marketing techniques.

Most of all, I can support you in your journey to starting your private practice. Doing it alone is daunting. Do it with a coach who shares your values and wants to see you succeed.


CEUs And Consultants At Truth & Grace Counseling

You want to improve your personal and professional development. It can be frustrating when the continuing education units you’re finding are sub-par and push ideas and worldviews that don’t align with your values. Truth & Grace Counseling CEUs are not only Christian value-aligned, but they are also interesting to watch and provide relevant education that you can utilize in your sessions with clients.

If you’re feeling called to start your own practice but don’t know where to start, Truth & Grace Consulting services are for you. I can walk you through the basics of starting a small business, from website design and marketing to business formation and paperwork. Pursue your calling, take the next step, and have faith that you are not alone.