How to make your own Linktree on Squarespace in 3 Easy Steps

What is a Linktree?

If you use Instagram then you probably have seen a linktree before. Some of you might still be wondering though, “what is a linktree?”

No it’s not that kind of Link!

A Linktree looks something like this. This is my own homemade link tree that I have on my Instagram page. This page has multiple links located on one landing page. I have links for my counseling website, podcast website, merch page etc. I also have links where you can listen to my podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. This is a very basic page that holds quite a bit of important information for my counseling website, podcast website and social media sites.

What is the Advantage of Doing a Linktree?

Linktrees are extremely useful on Instagram since Instagram only allows one link on the page. You are also not allowed to post direct links on posts. Many users on Instagram will mention “link in bio” on posts to direct users to where they need to go. If you have multiple webpages you want users to go to then you are out of luck! This is the advantage of a linktree. With this you are able to post multiple social media channels, multiple blog posts, multiple websites, multiple merch stores etc. You also might choose to have a linktree on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. You can even use a linktree on business cards through a QR code or through using smart business cards such as Dot, Mobilo or V1CE.

How do You Make a Linktree?

There are several options out there of making a linktree. The easiest is by using a free website such as Linktree or Biosites. Of these options Linktree is by far the most popular. You can easily find these on Instagram with websites starting in Linktree makes it very easy to do this on your own. You simply use their templates and put down the links you want. They will walk you through it. You are limited to customization though and are forced to use their own website. Unless you want to pay you also have to have their branding on it.

Why Not just Use Linktree?

Don’t get me wrong, simply using Linktree or another similar service is a fine option! It takes all the guesswork out and is a very easy way to show multiple links in one page. However, Linktree is getting all of the web traffic. If you have created your own website for you business (and if you haven’t then you should!) then you are missing out on extra clicks onto your website by putting it on Linktree instead. Getting more visitors to your site affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) If you don’t understand what this means then don’t worry! Pretty much no one knows exactly how it works. Essentially SEO is the algorithm used to show up higher on search engines such as Google. You could have excellent content out there but if no one can find it then it’s not very helpful! Every click counts and I’d rather you start getting clicks on your own website instead of big corporation.

How I Made my Linktree on Squarespace

My Linktree was very simple to make. I use Squarespace for my Website Hosting. I enjoy using Squarespace as you don’t have to be a technical wizard to make your website. I really don’t know anything about coding and was able to make a nice looking website very easily. They even walk you through how to increase that sweet SEO in different spots on your website. I’m going to walk you through how I did this on Squarespace. The steps are going to be similar for other website hosting services such as Wix or WordPress. I’d encourage you to simply Google “How to make a Linktree on Wix” if you want more detailed steps on how to make a linktree on another webhosting site. That’s the beauty of SEO! It’s pretty easy to find what you need through a simple search engine.

This guide is going to be written with the assumption you already have a Squarespace website already made.

computer with dual monitors and a lamp

Before I go any further I want to give a shoutout to Christy Price for her blogpost on this subject. Her blog for this is found here. I don’t know Christy but I’m sure she will appreciate the shoutout. What I did was give her blogpost something called a backlink. This is another useful tool for getting more web traffic to your site.

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Step 1: Create a New Page

Click on Pages on the left side of the screen.

Click Pages This part is pretty easy (it’s even the first option.)

After you do this scroll down to the “Not Linked” Section. Click the + button. We are choosing “not linked” so it won’t be linked at the top of your website. If you wish it to be linked then you’re free to do that as well. However, most people will probably wish to make it unlinked.

Once you click the + button it will pull up different options. Personally I chose the Blank Page option for my linktree. Freel free to use whatever option you would like though.

After this you need to name your page. You can name it something goofy if you would like if it is in the unlinked section. Afterall, nobody is going to see it except you. I named mine Link Page but you don’t have to be lame like me.

After this you are going to give it a URL slug. Mine is simple /link-page. Yours can be /instagram or whatever you would like it to be.

Not that kind of slug

You should now have a blank page that is unlinked. Hooray!

Step 2: Remove the Header and Footer

Headers and Footers on your website are important to have. These can house important information for your website and they follow you to every page. While this is great to have, for the purpose of our linktree it gets in the way. You want the link tree page to be very easy to navigate.

This part does take a little bit of code. Don’t worry though, all you have to do is copy and paste!

Click on the Gear icon by your new Not Linked Page.

Don’t click the trash button!Instead of a gear button you can think of it of an eye with a ton of eyelashes in every direction.

Under Page Settings click the Advanced button.

Then you will copy and paste this code <style> .header, footer, .Mobile-bar--top { display: none!important; } </style>

Congratulations! You now have the page setup in the right way. Now we need to get your links setup.

Step 3: Add your Content Blocks

If you are a Squarespace master this last part should be easy. Go to your newly formed page and click the Add Block button. From there you will click on Button.

After this go ahead and click the pencil icon to edit the button. Name the button something relevant such as Facebook Page, Website, Youtube etc.

*Note: For bonus points use the social links block on your linktree to add even more information in a nice way.

Click Edit on the ButtonThis is where you can name the button anything you want. Make sure to add the Link in as well. Click the gear icon if you want to make the link open in another tab as well as some other options such as choosing another page on your website as a link.

From there it’s all about formatting. I made sure to make my blocks fairly short and long. I want it to be very easy to read and click on for the visitors to my linktree. I also added my logo down at the bottom for extra branding. You can choose as many buttons as you would like. However, I’d recommend keeping it to a manageable number around 5 or so. This is where having the social links buttons comes in handy. It makes it to where you don’t have to waste button space on common social media pages. Instead you can post your most popular blogs, courses you have sell, your merch store, etc.

Make sure you check out how your linktree works on mobile. Click the mobile button at the top of the page. Format it as needed to look good on mobile. This is extremely important! Most people view websites on their phones so it needs to be formatted properly there as well as web.

That’s It!

Share your new linktree on Instagram and anywhere else you want to! I’d love to know how this process worked for you. If you read this far and would like to know more about me or my services please fill out the contact form below. You’re also welcome to schedule a free consultation with me for help with your website or any other consultation services. Click the button below or the schedule appointment bar on the upper right hand of your screen.