Pastor Burnout

Helping restore your zeal for preaching the word, through Christrian Counseling in Oklahoma or online

You might be here because

  • You are a pastor who is feeling “I can’t do this anymore”

  • You are dealing with internal stress from members within your church

  • You don’t have the same energy to preach the gospel as previously

  • You are considering leaving the ministry

  • You are a pastor’s wife or other family that is struggling in your role

  • You are struggling with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and you don’t know who to talk to about it.

  • Your elder board, deacons, family, or other people can see you struggle with handling the stress.

There is hope through christian counseling in Oklahoma or online

There is a reason you became a minister. Whether you are the pastor of a megachurch in Dallas, Texas, or a small country pastor in Kingston, Oklahoma, you preach about the same God. As a believer and local church member, I bring a different perspective than most counselors. I have included a statement of faith on my website to show what view I am coming from. I serve the same God that you preach about on Sundays.

We both know our God is a God of love and hope. I will work with you to help restore your passion for preaching His Word. I do this in a convenient, confidential setting through a HIPPA-secure online video service. I will give you the space to work through your worries while upholding the truth of scripture.