Should I put my pronouns in my Bio?

Why is this such a big deal? They’re just pronouns right?

This is how a lot of conservatives and Christians think. They might know choosing your pronouns is silly but are not willing to fight against it. I mean after all they’re just words. What’s the big deal?

Forced Pronoun Usage is Here

If you take a stroll through Linkedin, twitter, Facebook etc. you will see many people putting their pronouns in their bio.  This may seem rather innocuous at first.  Why should you care if someone chooses to share their pronouns?  

Sharing your “preferred pronouns” is gender theory 101.  The traditional way of using pronouns is objective.  Men use male pronouns and women use female pronouns.  There is no choosing.  Gender theory doesn’t think your gender as immutable.  This theory says that sex and gender are two different things.  Gender theory proponents agree that sex is biologically based but they think gender is the way you identify.  

In this worldview I get to decide my gender. Even though I am a man I can decide to be a woman if I’d like to. If I decide I’m more of a woman than a man then I can decide my pronouns are she/her.  Despite the obvious fact that I’m a man, you need to respect my pronouns!  Gender isn’t tied to sex so I get to make the rules with my pronouns. This is a complete lie.  The origins of gender theory have a very disturbing genesis. Check out this video for a quick introduction into this.

Pronouns don’t stop at he/him and she/her

 Not only can you change from male to female pronouns, you can make up whatever you want!  How about ze/zer pronouns?  Or ne/nem pronouns?  Seriously…check out this article about different pronouns out there.  I promise this isn’t satire. 

I don’t know how you can read through that list and think it is scientific.  Many in the counseling profession have taken to activism to elevate gender ideology. I am very concerned at the level of mental illness this can help spread in the community. Gender identity issues are legitimate concerns and we don’t want this to be spread more than it needs to.

Emotional Manipulation

We are all at risk of being emotionally manipulated. When my daughter bats her loving eyes at me she often gets what she wants. This same thing is happening with forced pronoun usage. You very well may be being emotionally manipulated. If someone asks you to “respect their pronouns” you can politely decline. 

Ask yourself, am I being kind? Am I being manipulated? What can I do about it? These questions can help guide you in how to handle the issue of “preferred pronouns.”

The word truth in my counseling practice stems from the only source of truth we have. That is Christ himself.  We are made in the image of God.  We are the Imago Dei.  We must not take this lightly.  Only He can choose which gender we are.