The Last Word: Prayer

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Today’s last word is prayer. Now, those of you who are listening, Christian, or any other spiritual belief, understand the importance of prayer. Prayer is a way that we can directly communicate with God. And if you break it down and think about that fact, how incredible is that?

You get to communicate with the creator of the universe.

You get to communicate with the creator of the universe! How incredible is that? Prayer is something that, because so many of us are so used to it, it doesn’t sink in how fantastic and excellent a concept truly is.


Awesome is one of those words we throw around all the time. I’m guilty of it of just something cool. But awesome means something much deeper than that. It is incomprehensible and incredible that we get to communicate with the Creator. That truly is incredible. I mentioned earlier in the water cooler of a recent book I read called Praying the Bible, and I’m discussing prayer again in the last word segment because of how important prayer is for the Christian life.

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More Than A Segue

We often think of prayer in a way that if you go to church, somebody goes up to pray for the offering, or it’s just a segue. For instance, after we sing in church, we pray afterward, and then it’s time for the preaching. Prayer is more than just a holy segue!

Learn How to Lament

Our personal lives are very focused on what’s going wrong. For me right now, I’ve mentioned this in other podcasts’; my prayers often center around my wife. She’s now sick in her pregnancy, and it’s difficult for her. It’s difficult for the whole family. Praying for ailments and things going wrong in your life is important. That’s why going back to the Psalms, though, is essential for learning how to pray. We need to know how to lament!

If you are dealing with depression of lamenting God, why is this happening to me? That’s in the Psalms. We need to learn how to lament and pray for complicated things. Yes, that is huge in your prayer life, but that’s not it. In your prayer, life is also Thanksgiving. Boy, how thankful are you that things are going well in your life, that you have a roof over your head? Right now, as much as I might lament, I know going back with my wife is rough. It’s so wild seeing her deal with the sickness during the pregnancy. We are joyful that we have another little boy coming into our life. You need to have both the joy and the lament; everything in between is part of that prayer life. That’s why I go back to let the scriptures, let them guide your prayer life.

It’s Not Selfish

Sometimes, we can become very arrogant in our understanding. I’m not just pointing at you; I’m pointing at myself here. If you think your prayer life is better off than King David, you may want to reevaluate yourself! If you are feeling it, It’s arrogant to believe that my problems are so big that I don’t need to talk to the creator of the universe. You get to speak to your savior that cleansed your sins away. Not going to him in prayer is arrogant! We say He can’t handle that when we don’t pray to him.

We say He can’t handle that when we don’t pray to him.

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You may not be uttering or thinking those exact words, but that’s the logical conclusion. The Psalms are filled with just gut-wrenching, horrible moments. God can handle it. Don’t be so prideful that you don’t feel God can address your concerns. He can.

Don’t feel that you are throwing stuff out there, and not knowing the exact right word choices should stop you from praying. No, but that’s why I again emphasize using the Psalms. It has excellent biblical language. It teaches you how to lament biblically. God is not mad at you for throwing out concerns. He was he wants you to. That’s why he gifted us His Holy Word. Use it. Use scripture to guide and inform your prayer life. I cannot emphasize enough how much this can change your life. Not only your prayer life, though.

Prayer Improves Your Mental Health

Depression is often viewed in an unhelpful way. Now, depression is an evil and has a very negative effect on many people. Understand me on that.

However, for some Christians dealing with depression, they are spiritually stuck. These individuals may not be doing much in their current state. They may be feeling stagnated in their prayer life. Maybe they’re not going to church and not reading scripture. For believers, this may not be why you’re feeling depressed, but it’s certainly not helping by being spiritually stagnant.

Depression is not necessarily a lifelong concern. Most people will feel symptoms of depression at some point in their lives. Some have a more protracted battle with depression that can be more severe, but almost everyone at least experiences some fleeting depressive symptoms. During these times, you may have a feeling of hopelessness or worthlessness.

You Have Worth

You have worth, but it’s not because of your actions. You can’t behave in a certain way to gain worth. No, you have worth because of your creation and who created you. What better way to reemphasize that than to be active in the Word, involved in a local body of believers, and engaged in your prayer life?

you have worth because of your creation and who created you

Don’t Wait. Start Now!

I would like to ask you to please get started today, right now. Pause this video, or turn it off. Read Psalm one. Let that guide your prayer life, and let me know what difference it’s made.