Why I Joined the Duncan, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce
Beautiful Chamber with Swiss Flags and Mountain background

“What does the Chamber of Commerce even do?”

This was a question I asked when I first started Truth and Grace Counseling. I had never really considered thinking about the Chamber of Commerce as I have always been an employee and never had my own business to worry about. Since I started this business earlier in the year I wanted to look for different ways to get my name out there. I am an online only business. My office is in the corner of my bedroom. I don’t think too many people are going to hear about my business unless I get out there! So one thing I asked my good friend Mr. Google about was “What is the Chamber of Commerce?”

Now if you were like me and don’t understand what the Chamber of Commerce even is you may not know how it works. There isn’t some big Chamber of Commerce illuminati type of stuff going on. A Chamber of Commerce is locally run. Every Chamber is independent so how they operate depends on which one you are looking at. Generally Chamber members have a business in the city they are a member of. In my case I don’t have a storefront. I can operate anywhere. I really wanted to make some local connections though so I recently joined the Duncan Chamber of Commerce. I was born and raised here in Duncan, Oklahoma. There will be multiple situations where I will be able to market my business here in Duncan. They will provide me with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony (which I plan on doing in the near future) and will send me referrals. I am also looking forward to meeting with other local business owners to form connections.

I could have called it quits with the Duncan Chamber. However, I wanted to expand my presence into Lawton, Oklahoma as well. Now, those of us in Southwest Oklahoma tend to go to Lawton often. Lawton has a population of 91,055 (according to my good friend Mr. Google) which is significantly higher that Duncan’s 22,745 (again thank you Mr. Google.) This is quite a bit more people. Lawton also has Ft. Sill which is a pretty large Army base. I am hopeful by being more active in the Lawton Ft. Sill Chamber of Commerce I will expand the presence of my business in a nearby city with more people nearby. Again, connections are super important in business.

The last place I am joining is the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce. I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life but earlier this year I became licensed in Texas as well. I want to expand my presence south of the Red River as well. Mr. Google told me Wichita Falls has a population of 102,988. Wichita Falls is a roughly hour and 15 minute drive. I more than likely won’t be able to be quite as active at events at this Chamber. However, I am excited to form connections in Wichita Falls as well.

Joining a local Chamber of Commerce may seem kind of “old school” in today’s fast paced internet world. However, even as an owner of an online only business you absolutely cannot discount the importance of human to human interaction. I am hoping in these Chamber meetings to befriend other counselors that do face to face counseling. I think it is still an important way to meet and I want to have great referrals for clients who request that. If you are a local business owner, think about joining your local chamber of commerce. The annual dues are generally not very much and I believe they are very worth it in the long run!


Johnny is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma and Texas. He is the owner of Truth & Grace Counseling. Johnny operates Truth & Grace Counseling from a conservative Christian worldview.